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Social Media for dummies

Social Media for dummies.


Hello again, for those who don’t know me, my name is Aiyana Levin and i’m a second year Media and Communications student majoring in Journalism. I’ve used this blog for previous first and second year subjects and i’m now using it for BCM240- Media, Audience, Place subject. The main media outlets i tend to access/ have an audience for are Facebook and Instagram but just how many of my followers/friends are actually listening is what i’m interested to know and explore. It’s one thing to post or share something online, but how many people actually see it? How many users see my content but won’t comment or interact? What makes us inclined to engage in online discussions and feeds or to simple just remain silent voyeurs? These are some of the questions i’m looking forward to exploring during this subject and hopefully discuss with the rest of you. Thanks 🙂


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