Australian Sheep Illegally sold to overseas for the Festival of Sacrifice.

A sheep being dragging to it's demise, source: Animals  Australia

A sheep being dragging to it’s demise, source: Animals Australia

The news of Australian sheep being illegally sold and exporting overseas to Kuwait and Jordan has emerged, as well as shocking and deeply haunting images of brutality and sacrifice, in accordance with the 3 day Muslim “Festival of Sacrifice”.

Thousands of sheep were sold illegally overseas for the festival and were inhumanely killed in streets, backyards, roadsides and driveways while other sheep waited to be killed next to them.

There are several Australian welfare and export laws in place, to ensure that these animals will be processed in a humane way, in accordance with several Australian standards and guidelines, particularly by the ESCAS.  To make sure that the slaughtered sheep were not to be traced back to their Australian graziers, their ear tags were removed upon exportation, deeming them untraceable and left to be killed with severed knives and having their necks stomped in by their purchasers.

This shocking discovery was made by the Animal’s Australia Organization, who have since pushed for an investigation into this mass animal cruelty event, through the Department of Agriculture and in accordance with The Australian Live Exporters Council (ALEC) in order to oversea the ways in which the sheep were available for purchase and exportation in the first place. The footage that was captured shows a clear breach of Australia’s laws,  which ensure the protection and humane slaughter, of animals who are sold for private slaughter overseas.

This news comes after widespread investigations in June earlier this year into one of Australia’s prime exporting companies who exports livestock to Jordan, as their was a reported number of misconduct in their exporting practices, disobeying the current standards and regulations, a major cause for concern for the live export industry.

An Aussie sheep lays helpless on the ground, source: Animals Australia

An Aussie sheep lays helpless on the ground, source: Animals


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