Reflection … in which I reflect on my blogging experience.

Well, I can’t believe it’s actually come to the end of my blogging portfolio, what can I say? This whole blogging experience has been so fantastic, I’ve developed a real skill for blog writing and a broader way of thinking about topics involving the media which I most likely wouldn’t have even thought about had I not chosen to undertake this course. There would have to be 3 main blog posts, which I think best reflect on the weekly topics from the lecture subjects, which I will give a little evaluation on.

Firstly, my post titled “In the Garden Of Apps”(, which talks about the Android Network versus the Apple Network. I personally think that this blog post gave a detailed comparison of the two networks, describing the idea of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ platforms in which we operate our technological devices, with reference to the emerging technology that I’ve been following, the Samsung Galaxy S4. I believe that I gave a good explanation of the pro’s and con’s of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ sharing networks but perhaps I could have delved a little deeper into the subject. However, I think I met the requirements of the task with this blog post, especially with the use of links to relative articles.

The second blog post I’d like to shed light on is the post titled “Let Me Entertain You” (: in which I wrote about the idea of the internet being a ‘dialogic’ media platform and the concept of internet ‘gatekeepers’ or (lack there of). I feel that this post gave a very light-hearted view on the whole concept of sharing via the internet and I think that by using links to online articles on the subject supported my argument sufficiently.

The Final Post is “You’ve read the book, now watch the movie, play the play-station game and eat the branded yoghurt.”( This post, I found, was a good explanation of the idea of transmedia narratives and I think that I used some good examples and links to support my argument. And let’s be honest, coming up with the title was the most fun part.

i just hate goodbyes!

i just hate goodbyes!

Overall, this blogging experience has been really interesting and rewarding and definitely a skill I hope to use in a future media/communications occupation. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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