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Alright, here it comes … the almighty reflection. In completely the required blog posts for bcm110 I have certainly gained a broader knowledge of the media: its flaws, strengths and tactics.  I’ve learned to think beyond what the media force feeds us through broadcasted news and social media platforms. In completing these weekly posts, I have also developed a certain style in my posts which, to me, has greatly improved over the course of the past six weeks, especially with composing my bcm112 posts as well. And although I find writing comes quite naturally to me, there have been a couple posts on which I had writer’s block or simply had to stop and put away for a couple of days. A topic I really enjoyed was that of week 3’s lecture on Semiotics. Through learning about how to read an image I have gained a heighten sense of knowledge when I look at an advertisement for example and I find that I can look beyond the images or text and deduce a greater meaning.

You want controversial? Well you got it.

You want controversial? Well you got it.

From reading other student’s blogs its been made clear to me just how high the standard of blog posts are! I am seriously so amazed at some of the posts I’ve read; the writer’s ability to suck me in and draw emotions from me with their media content its just fantastic. I found it really useful to view other peoples perspectives on the topics we ere given each week as it gave a broader discussion and viewpoint to what was being said and I highly value everyone else’s opinion.


Thanks for reading :)

Thanks for reading 🙂


On the whole, I found this entire blogging escapade to be genuinely enjoyable and enlightening. I’ve learnt so much from when I first started the course, I mean I didn’t even know how to keep a blog and now look!  I’ve gained a real sense of confidence and accomplishment in completing this assignment and I feel confident in my broadened knowledge of the media!


One thought on “The Last Post …

  1. This post was great read, Miss Rhymes With Banana. Couldn’t agree more with the semiotics section.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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